12V mini linear actuator

Product Infomation
  • Model:grain gate actuator
  • Specifications:12V light duty

12V grain door/gate elevator actuator

Water resistant and sealed against dust provides protection in harsh environments. End stop limit switches prevent over extension or retraction. Smooth and quiet operation
A gear-driven motor extends the linear actuators shaft for opening and closing gates & doors,grain gate control,Stop grain spills, overflowing bins, and climbing bin ladders.

Stroke Length 12 in.
Gear Ratio 20:1 
Load Capacity 50KG
Static Load Capacity 250KG
Speed at No Load 10mm/sec
Speed at Max. Load 15mm/sec
Current Draw at Max. Load 3.5 A
Duty Cycle 25% 
Operating Temperature Range -13°F/-25°C to 149°F/ 65 °C (°F)
Pinhole Diameter 1/4 in.
Retracted Length (pin to pin) 16.26 in.
End Stop Limit Switches     Yes 
Recommended Fuse Size     7 A

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