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About Us

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Always adhere to the production and operation strategy of deeply cultivating China and laying out the global layout, the business scope covers motors, actuators, gearboxes, electronic control, using professional and efficient e-commerce platforms and overseas strategic partners to build domestic and foreign industrial chain in the global industrial chain. Foreign bridges, and based on years of experience in lean management, supply chain management, and flexible production, solve the pain points of unstable supply chain, unprofessionalism, long delivery time, and no innovative design for customers in various industries.

Over 20 Years Experience & Knowledge Of Motion Control Systems

Not only offer electric motor, linear actuator, and gears, but also help globle customer build professional automation systems. We are specialist in motor energy saving, linear lifting systems, precision gear reducer drives, control electronics solutions serviced for renew energy, smart commercial projects, and industrial systems innovation. Choose PJM as your reliable and professional motion control products supplier now.


We facility is equipped with top-of-the-line machinery

PJM Group stick to high quality products manufacturing goal and alsways choose the top machinery to keep each coponents quality. Coupled with its high level of engineering design skills,PJM has given the company a distinct advantage over its competitors. The company has been able to develop a high level of vertical integration.With this ability, PJM can build a model which provides greatest efficiency and flexibility. Due to the tooling and fixtures are made in-house by PJM’s own team of engineers and technicians, it is possible to maintain high standards for production parts.

Key machinery: Stator and rotor equipment; Silicon steel sheet equipment;spindle accuracy testing equipment,gears Hobbing machine, Gears hardness testing equipment, Various processing fixtures designed by PJM.


The headquarter lies in KOWLOON,HONG KONG for good communicatiion with global customers.To keep enough cost advantage,PJM build several plant in China mainland. It offers a range of products to different market segments. Product range includes DC motor, AC motor,brushless motor,gear motor,linear actuator,screw jack,planetary gearbox,worm gearbox,electronics control coponents.

Plant Location


Xinghong Industry Park,Jiu Jiang Shui,Changping Town, Dongguan city, Guandong Province, China


Specialized Workshops

Electric motor manufacturing

Motor Stator Manufacturing -automatic winding machine can control the motor accuracy and increase efficiency

Electric motor manufacturing

Motor Rotor Manufacturing - keep each rotor size to be correct in good working condition

Electric motor manufacturing

Motor housing manufacturing - motor housing CNC machine to make motor suit for different mounting situation

Gears & Gearbox manufacturing

Gears CNC Machine - gears shaft, gearbox housing machining parts

Gears & Gearbox manufacturing

Gearbox Torque Testing Machine - match different power motor to test the gearbox output torque

Gears & Gearbox manufacturing

Gear Hobbing Machine - top rolling-gear machine make high precise gears