Small Linear Actuator manufacturers

Slim Inline Linear Actuators Series for Narrow Space Installation
12V Linear Actuator Solution for Campers, Marine, Building Automation
Hall Sensor Feedback for Positioning with Electrical Limit Switch
High Waterproof Degree of IP66

Small Linear Actuator

The small linear actuators are designed for applications where the installation space is narrow. Compact, lightweight, light duty are important. They are ideal for sun shading systems, windows opening and closing, umbrella drive solution, building automation, campers and maritime boat automation. 4 inline linear actuators synchronization with one control box are one of our innovation products. 12V, 24V, 220V version are in stock. Contact us to find the perfect micro actuators for your project.

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Compact Size Actuator for Mobile Recreational Vehicles Solution

DLA1 actuators are designed for campers, motor homes and other vehicles used for leisure purpose. 12V or 24V actuators with slim and high performance design. Option with asynchronous controller.  Perfect power roof actuator for RV campers.

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Marine Grade Linear Actuator Solution for Boats

PLA36, PLA50 actuators are watertight and stainless steel tube designed.

Ideal for maritime applications: Door, window, hatch closing and opening, roof lifting and more

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Compact Linear Actuator Solution for Building Shading Systems

PLA36 in-line actuators are perfectly used for louvers windows, pergola, roof hatches, skylights

Compact size, low voltage, IP66 waterproof and high self-locking design

Variety installation accessories of front binding head and rear bracket option

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