Linear Actuator

PJM is the leading global manufactuer of linear actuators drive products. We design, manufacture, and customise electric linear actuators including industrial actuators, medical actuators, function furniture actuators, micro linear actuators and lifting columns. We entegrate our own electric motor and gears techology into linear drive solution for over 50 industries appliations. Not only push-pull movements but also more complex and special motion cycles with high loads, kinds of speeds and quiet operation. The key market segments being solar energy, medical care, Ergonomics furniture desk & bed, mobile machinery, building automation. Share us with your next linear actuator drive requirement and we will offer the smooth, intelligent, powerful adjustment and reliable linear motion solution for you. Get in touch with our sales team today.


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Medical care actuator

PJM’s AC and 12 Volt, 24 Volt Electric Actuators are safe, clean, efficient and easy to use in the medical healthcare industry. They are easy to solve the lift, tilt, push and pull movement request. Silent working, stable, waterproof and high capacity linear actuator are important when they are used in blood collecting chair, treatment chair, patient bed, power exam tables, medical carting, dent chair and more medical mobile equipment. You could always find the suitable drive soltuion with handset, foot switch, control box from our medical care actuator line.

Industrial actuator line

PJM offer electric cyliner and servo linear actuator for a wide range of temperatures and rugged environmental conditions. They are the best to replace the hydraulic and pneumatic drive systems for farming equipment, construction machinery, valves control, marine application systems, materials handling and solar energy solutions. Various options are available including feedback sensors, limit switches, brake, overcurrent protection, high self-locking force, overload clutches, ball screw and high precison servo motors. Depending on your power request, our industrial actuators can be compatible with 12, 24, 36, 48 volt DC and 110, 240 volt AC motor.

Ergonomics home & care line

electric actuators make good furniture more smart and comfort with more adjustment options. A consumer wants the relaxation and comfort from lift chairs, chairs seating motorised, sofa motorised,adjustable mattress, electric beds adjustment, sit to stand desk. PJM, as the preferred partner of many famous furniture manufacturers, provides complete and highly customized solution of home and office electric linear actuators. We even could offer the recliner mechanism together with handset switch, control box and Apps control. One innovation lifting units from PJM are a combination of bevel gear, spindle, nut, gear motor. Typical applicaitons are height-adjustable talbes and work surfaces in the home and office. We emphasize quality and tailor-made service. Contact us today for your home function furniture automation project.

Micro linear actuators line

The small linear actuators are designed for applications where the installation space is narrow. Compact, lightweight, light duty are important. They are ideal for sun shading systems, windows & door opening and closing, umbrella drive solution, building automation, camping trailer and marine hatch automation. 4 inline linear actuators synchronization with one control box are one of our innovation products. 12V, 24V, 220V version are in stock. Contact us to find the perfect micro actuators for your project.

Lifting column line

Lifting columns (also named as telescopic pillars and telescopic actuators)are high technology electric lifting drive model. PJM telescopic lifting columns are best designed for height adjustable of desk, worktop, TV screens, cabinets, medical bed, exam chair and industrial equipment which require vertical lifting up and down. They are quiet, robust and powerful for heavy duty requirements. DC brush motor and servo motor are options from our lifting columns drive depending on your project situation. We also provide a customised lifting columns service. Contact us now for your technical projects.