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Linear Actuator

PJM is the leading global manufacturer of linear actuators drive products. We design, manufacture, and customize electric linear actuators including industrial actuators, medical actuators, function furniture actuators, micro linear actuators and lifting columns. We integrate our own electric motor and gears technology into linear drive solution for over 50 industries applications. Not only push-pull movements but also more complex and special motion cycles with high loads, kinds of speeds and quiet operation. The key market segments being solar energy, medical care, ergonomics furniture desk & bed, mobile machinery, building automation. Share us with your next linear actuator drive requirement and we will offer the smooth, intelligent, powerful adjustment and reliable linear motion solution for you. Get in touch with our sales team now.

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Wide Selection

12V,24V,36V,48V DC motor; 120V, 230V,240V AC motor

Loading capacity range from 10N to 100kN

Speed range from 0.1mm/s to 200mm/s

Different size linear actuator models for any space mounting

Custom made linear actuator for special project

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High Quality with Economic Solution

We design and manufacture many types of linear actuators. Motors and gears are manufactured by our subsidiary corporation with good price. Each actuator undergoes test to meet optimum performance, durability, and resistance.

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Accessories with advanced technology

To meet customer precision motion control, we provide a wide range of linear actuator control options and accessories. Actuator control include: touch sensor, handsets, foot switches, remotes, App control system and much more.

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