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Electric Motor

Generally speaking, the electric motors are divided into large size, medium size and micro size motors. PJM has a diverse lineup of motors that can meet the variety of needs. The large size induction motors are used for industrial equipment. The medium size synchronous motors, servo motors, pump motors, high voltage motors, robotics motors are used in high torque and precision automation project. The micro motors including brushless motors, brushed dc motors, stepping motors, coreless motors, geared motors are used in home appliance, audio visual electronics, HVAC application, automotive products, power tool equipment and many other areas. We develop, manufacture, and supply our customers with all types of electric motors from 2.5W to 3kW.

PMDC motors( brushed dc motor)

BLDC motors

coreless motors

stepper motor

Induction motors

gears motors

Vibration motors

Vacuum cleaner motors

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Core Technology of Electric Motor

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