Electric Motor

Generally speaking, the electric motor is divided into large size, medium size and micro size motor. PJM has a diverse lineup of motors that can meet the variety of needs. The large size induction motors are used for industrial equipment. The medium size synchronous motors, servo motors, pump motors, high voltage motors, robotics motors are used in high torque and precision automation project. The micro motors including brushless motors, brushed dc motors, stepping motors, coreless motors, geared motors are used in home appliance, audio visual electronics, HVAC application, automotive products, power tool equipments and many other areas.

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PMDC motors( brushed dc motor)

Electric dc motor series is divided into low voltage dc motor and high voltage dc motor. The diameter range is from 6mm to 120mm. All motors can be custom engineered to meet the power, efficiency, speed, and life requirements of the customer’s projects.

BLDC motors

PJM is the world’s leading producer of brushless dc motors in China. Compared with brushed motor, it has various merits in terms of energy efficiency, long life, compact size, light- weight, low noise, variable speed and so on.

Coreless motors

With precision coreless motor technology,PJM have launched 6 mm ~ 46 mm series. We offer unparalleled speed torque performance, high power density brush/brushless dc coreless motor, and meet all kinds of transmission in the field of industrial control application. Our coreless motor advantage: full size, excellent performance, low noise, high temperature resistance, low heat, long life time and good stability.

Stepper motor

PJM offer hybrid stepper motor, brake motor, hollow shaft stepper motor, linear screw stepper motor, stepper closed-loop motor with stepper drive. These stepper motor are used in 3D printer, engraving machine, inudtrial control industry, precision automation industry and more. An encoder to the rear shaft of PJM stepper motor is option to improve motion control systems performance.

Induction motors

PJM is the reliable induction motor manufacturer who focuse on standard and customized motor. The classic applicaiton: treadmills, condenser fans, sirocco centrifugal blower, pumps, food machine, air compressors, woodworking machine, gate operator, electric carrier, high temperature oven, packing machine. To meet the energy-saving, we provide the premium efficiency motor which reached IE3 and IE4. AC motor range from 0.01KW to 10KW. Custom made service include lamination slot design, tooling developing, and material chosen.

Gears motors

PJM offer kinds of gear motor type that combination of electric motor and optimized gears reducer to supports many diverse applications. When the project need high toqrque at low speed, DC gearmotors and AC gearmotors with accessories like brackets, covers, extension sables are produced by PJM manufacturer. The configurations include: planetary gear motors, right angle shaft gear motors, parallel shaft gear motors, and worm gear motors.

Vibration motors

Vibration motor series from PJM manufactuer is divided into AC vibration motor and DC vibration motor. AC vibration motor applies precise bearing, rotor, and copper wire coil to ensure smooth and energy saving operation for most industrial IP65 application. DC vibration motor is mostly regardes as mini vibration motors. The two most form factors are pager motors and coin vibration motors that are used in wearable devices and electronic devices.

Vacuum cleaner motors

The vacuum cleaner motor is structurally classified into two types, dry type and dry-wet type, which is featured by high vacuum degree and long service life. As one reliable commercial vacuum and floor care motor manufacturer, PJM can offer brushed bypass motors & thru-flow motors for ride-on sweepers, carpet extractors and many other type floor cleaning equipment. In 2018 year, PJM launched a series of new brushless DC and AC vacuum cleaner motor in voltage ratings up to 240V.