Small Planetary Gearbox manufacturers

Economic PM series: versatile application with brush motor, good efficiency and impressive price
PG stainless gears series: high efficiency, long life time with maintenance-free
Super mico planetary gears with coreless brushless motor for medical solution
A perfect small planetary gear custom-made here

Small Planetary Gearbox

PJM manufacturing provides small planetary gearbox products from 3.4mm to 38mm diameter size. Our micro planetary gearbox designs lightspot: high output torques, high efficiency, compact in size and work silently with  impressive precision. All planetary gear reducer series can be combined with miniature stepper motor, coreless motor and micro servo motor working perfectly.

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PG series Easy to be integrated with Micro Motor

Small and compact planetary design with all type micro motor

Precision cut steel gears, High torque and high precision

All metal construction with brand bearing and lubrication for long life

Diameter range from 6mm-38mm for wide selection

Wide gear ratio range from 3:1 to 1526:1

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PM Series for Normal Drive Systems

Plastic and powder metallurgy gears design

For light duty motion control application

Diameter range from 16mm-82mm

Attractive price but reliable design

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