Gear Motor manufacturers

PMDC gear motor: Right angle and inline gear motor series
BLDC gear motor: planetary gear motor series from 6mm to 220mm diameter range
Industrial AC gearmotor: Worm gear motor and helical gear motor series
Customization made gearmotor

Gear Motor

PJM offer kinds of gear motor type that combination of electric motor and optimized gearbox to supports many diverse applications. When the project need high torque at low speed, DC gearmotors and AC gearmotors with accessories like brackets, covers, extension sables are produced by PJM manufacturer. The configurations include: planetary gear motors, right angle shaft gear motors, parallel shaft gear motors and worm gear motors.

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Planetary Gear Motor Series

Planetary gear reducers combined with dc brush motor, brushless motor, servo motor, stepper motor, coreless motor option

6 mm to 220 mm diameter sizes range

Wide gear ratio solution from 4:1 to 9000:1

Steel and plastic gear option for various application

High torque density, compact, lightweight, high precision, low backlash

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Worm Gear Motor Series

Nature self-locking and braking features

Worm wheel mesh worm shaft in motion transfer of 90 Degrees

High torque and high durability

Variety of worm gear motor size option

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Spur Gear Motor Series

Large and small gears mounted on parallel shafts designed in a spur gearhead

Motor type can be Brushed / Brushless / Coreless solution

Low Noise Level and Cost-Effective

Various reduction ratios, precision gears, voltages and sizes selection

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Industrial Gear Motor Series

offset gear motor(parallel shaft gearmotor)/right-angle gear motor/inline gear motor option

Full drive performance in a small space

Rugged drive solution tailored to meet any industry project

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