Vacuum Cleaner Motors manufacturers

High starting toruqe, high speed, Light Weight
DC brush motor, BLDC motor, Universal motor option for different Vacuum Cleaner
Power range from 200W-2400W. More can be customization made.
Apply to home handhold vacuum cleaner, commercial vacuum cleaner and medical vacuuming systems

Vacuum Cleaner Motors

The vacuum cleaner motor is structurally classified into two types, dry type and dry-wet type, which is featured by high vacuum degree and long service life. As one reliable commercial vacuum and floor care motor manufacturer, PJM can offer brushed bypass motors & thru-flow motors for ride-on sweepers, carpet extractors and many other type floor cleaning equipment. In 2018 year, PJM launched a series of new brushless DC and AC vacuum cleaner motor in voltage ratings up to 240V.

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Vacuum Cleaner AC Motor Series

Brushless electric motor with voltage range from 110V-240V

Power rating from 200W to 2000W option

Speed up to 35000RPM

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Vacuum Cleaner DC Brush Motor Series

Dc brush motor voltage range from 2.4V-30V

Power Rating from 40W-150W

Mainly for small vacuum cleaner, hand dryer, handheld car vacuum cleaner and more

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Vacuum Cleaner BLDC Motor Series

with a full selection of flow-thru and bypass motors available

Power rating from 40W-1500W

To meet new demands of the vacuum cleaner industry design: small size, lightweight, long life and high efficiency

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