Industrial Linear Actuator manufacturers

Powerful and Rugged Design
Maintenance-free with Long Service Life
Heavy duty applicaiton under extreme conditions
BLDC or Servo motor options

Industrial Linear Actuator

PJM offer electric cylinder and servo linear actuator for a wide range of temperatures and rugged environmental conditions. These heavy duty industrial linear actuators are the best to replace the hydraulic and pneumatic drive systems for farming equipment, construction machinery, valves control, marine application systems, materials handling and solar energy solutions. Various options are available including feedback sensors, limit switches, brake, over-current protection, high self-locking force, overload clutches, ball screw and high precision servo motors. Depending on your power request, our industrial actuators can be compatible with 12, 24, 36, 48 volt DC and 110, 240 volt AC motor.

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Industrial Actuator Solution for Solar Power Plant

IA1000, IA2000, IA4000, IA6000

Support solar tracking systems types: Photovoltaic (PV), Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV), Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), Solar thermal power towers (Heliostat); Solar dish and Parabolic through

Loading range from 3.5kN to 60kN

IP66 rating fit for harsh conditions and support single axis and dual-axis tracking system

Low-maintenance solution and easy installation design, bracket and trunnion mounting option

Perfect solution for Azimuth tracking and Horizontal tracking for any solar tracker

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Industrial Actuator Solution for Construction Wheel Loader


Actuator help user to control the hood lifting; adjust steering wheels and seats.

Designed to suit in wet, dirty or dusty surroundings

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Industrial Electric Actuator Solution for Valve Control

electric rod-style linear actuators with servo motors are designed for valve automation

Versatile screw technology: lead screw, ball screw, roller screw

Fast and powerful linear movements with flexible positioning

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Actuator for Mobile Agriculture

IA1500 actuators with 15kN force designed for tractors,harvesters, sprayers, spreaders machine

Flexible, intelligent, powerful actuator for agriculture heavy equipment automation

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