Planetary Gearbox manufacturers

A wide variety of frames sizes, ratios matched with servo motor
Economy and precision ringt-angle gearbox series
Inline planetary gearbox with helical gearing and spur gearing technology
New ideal high load planetary gearbox solution for AGV

Planetary Gearbox

PJM is a professional servo motor drive planetary gearbox manufacturer in China. We offer a high  speed, low backlash servo application planetary gearbox from 42mm to 220mm size. High precision helical planetary reducer with good seal and bearing is available too. Fast delivery time and reasonable price.

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Inline Planetary Gearboxes series

PE series stand for economic series; PS series stand for high precision double output shaft series

Flexible size range from 42mm-220mm

Gear ratio range from 3-1000

Output type can be shaft, flange, hollow shaft for simple motor mounting

lifelong lubrication with low noise and low backlash but rugged design

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Right Angle Planetary Gearboxes Series/right angle bevel gearbox

Diameter range from 48mm-160mm

Gear ratio range from 3-1000

High precision, high torque angle gear with Maintenance-free design

Assembly with different motors used in robots, machines, tools, door applications and other industrial automation

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Rotary Index Tables

PRA series and PRD series

Size from 60mm-240mm

Accurate helical gear driven

Higher precision, higher torque

Higher reduction, higher inertia ratio

Easy to use with servo motor & stepper motor

Most economical, energy efficient

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AGV Planetary Gearbox Series

AGV gear with rubber wheel direct mounting with vehicle

Very short gear housing design to reduce installation space

High radial force, high efficiency, high reliability

Suited for different motor such as servo motor, BLDC motor, Stepper motor assembling

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