Slewing Drive manufacturers

Slewing drive solution for mining equipment, construction vehicles, industrial valve switch
Slewing drive with BLDC motor solution for solar tracking systems
All slewing mechanism components are rigorously tested with high quality assurance
Custom design is available

Slewing Drive

When you need rotational torque and load holding for the project, slew drives is a good worm drive mechanisms option. Slewing drive from PJM manufacturer can be used in mining equipment, construction slew drives, solar tracking, cranes, satellite communication, valve automation and other precision motion control. Our slewing drive can match with BLDC motor and hydraulic motor for the slewing solutions application.

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Hydraulic Slew Drive Series

High performance of tilting moment

Custom made solution for most industrial equipment

Typical application: Construction slew drives, Agriculture machinery, Slew drive for cranes, Mining equipment, Ship deck equipment.

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Solar Tracking Slew Drive Series

Designed in solar photovoltaic panel rotation and improves power generation efficiency

Single axis & dual axis solar tracking solutions are available

Multi-link design to use only one motor to drive several slewing drives with synchronization solution.

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Slew Drive Gearbox Motor Solution

Can match with servo motor, BLDC motor, Hydraulic motor, brake motor for heavy duty  engineering machinery automation. The existing products are fully covered from 5 to 25 inches. Kinds of perfect slew drive motion control solution for you. Highly tailor-made slew drive is available.

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