Lifting Column manufacturers

Best suited for vertical height adjustment of industrial and medical equipment
Incorportate dc linear actuator of 24V or AC 120V, 230V option
Run quietly and smoothly for lifting platform
More stage lifting column can be tailor-made for particular application

Lifting Column

Lifting columns also named as telescopic pillars or telescopic actuators are high technology electric lifting drive model. PJM telescopic lifting columns is a good solution for height adjustable of desk, worktop, TV screens, cabinets, medical bed, exam chair and industrial equipment which require vertical lifting up and down. They are quiet, robust and powerful for stable platform lifting requirements. DC brush motor and servo motor are options from our lifting columns drive depending on your project situation. We also provide a customized lifting columns service. Contact us now for your technical projects.

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Lifting Column Solution for Height-Adjustable Medical Equipment

LC01, LC02 series are designed for medical exam chairs, treatment/procedure tables lifting and lowering

LC01 designed with 2 stage; LC02 designed with 3 stage

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Solution for Industrial Robot Platform Lifting

LC05, LC06  stable performances, both with heavy centric and offset loads.

LC05 2 stage; LC06 3 stage; 4 stage custom-made

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TV lifting Solution

Lifting height from 25inch to 60inch

Support different TV height by selecting the correct lifting column or motor

Control mode can be handset or remote control

Suited for Ceiling TV lifts, pop-up TV lifts, wall-mount TV motorized, and projector lifts

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