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PJM GROUP focus on electric motor, linear actuator, gear reducer, control electronics innovation design and manufacturing.

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Benefit from the technology and vertical resource integration ability to control the key drive components of the transmission,we could offer the high quality electric motors, linear actuators,gearbox to wide and different industries customers. To become a global leader in motion control related industry, we always stick to this value:Our total solutions are a combination of our innovation and close working partnership with our customers and suppliers.

You could find our kinds of solution in solar tracking systes,medical care motion project,ergonomics home & care, mobility,food process machine,industrial conveyance drive,fitness equipment,commercial lifting systems,door opener, window opener,recovery processing equipment,livestock ventilation,pump system, fan system and building automation.From design,prototype manufacturing,quantity procution to after sales servie, you will regard us as one of the market leaders in the mechanical and motion control drive technology sector.

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Unlike other motor and linear actuator suppliers,PJM Group engineering system prevents the selling of our motors,gears,linear actuators by simple on line catalogue as each model is tailor-made to satisfy different customers.

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High-end equipment, experienced engineering team, mature supply management system enable products to maintain high-quality supply

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Thanks to the support of a large customer base and long-term cooperative suppliers, it help us to provide very competitive products


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AGV130 Planetary Gearbox for AGV Wheel Drive

AGV130 Planetary Gearbox for AGV Wheel Drive

More and more Automated Guided Vehicle company in automated warehouse robots markets need a space saving gear reducer. PJMTEC launch a new AGV130 with rubber wheel for these application. The AGV130 drive consists of a planetary gearbox with reductions selection: 15:1; 20:1; 24:1; 32:1. It can be easily to mounted with servo motor and stepper […]

GM80 Rotary Floor Scrubber Motor

GM80 Rotary Floor Scrubber Motor

Automatic floor scrubbers, also known as auto scrubbers, are a type of floor cleaning machine that are used to scrub a floor clean of light debris, dust, oil, grease or floor marks. PJMTEC launch a new GM80 gear motor for kinds of automatic floor cleaning machine. As the workhorse of a floor machine, we design […]

N20 DC Planetary Gear Motor for Mini Electric Screwdriver

N20 DC Planetary Gear Motor for Mini Electric Screwdriver

PJMTEC design a new mini gear motor YX12FPN20 series for kinds of mini screwdirver set. The electric screwdriver engineer need to consider the design with a compact structure, smart and exquisite apperance, the function of motion control recognition from end customers. It has only the length and diameter of pen which is convenient to use […]