Gear Reducer

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gearbox reducer

The gearbox reducer is structurally classified into right angle gearboxes which are designed for 90 degree turns and inline gearbox reducer. As one long time gear reducer manufactuer in China, PJM offer rich product line including: planetary gearbox, worm gearbox, slewing drive, bevel gearbox, servo gearbox aslo named harmonic gearbox for industrial robot.

Planetary gearbox

PJM is a professional servo motor drive planetary gearbox manufacturer in China. We offer a high speed, low backlash servo application planetary gearbox from 60mm to 220mm size. High precision helical reducer with good seal and bearing is available too. Fast delivery time and reasonable price.

Worm gearbox

As one worm gearbox manufacturer, PJM supply RV worm gearbox, parallel shaft worm gearbox and custom made worm gear reducer. Due to compact and perfect appearance design, worm gear reducers are widely used in small engines, lifts and elevators, rolling mills, mining industry machines, belt conveyors and other industrial equipment with high quality aluminium die casting.

Bevel gearbox

Bevel gearbox manufactuered by PJM offer angular torque transfer and torque distribution in single or multiple shaft configuration for lifting arrays or transfer lines. You could choose the shaft arrangement and roation direction based on different reqeust. 2 screw jack or 4 scrwe jack need bevel gear reducer for synchronous drive of lifting platform.

Slewing drive

When you need rotational torque and load holding for the project, slew drives is a good worm drive machanisms option. Slewing drive from PJM manufactuer can be used in mining equipment, construction slew drives, solar tracking, cranes, satellite communication, valve automation and other precision motion control. Our slewing drive can match with BLDC motor and hydraulic motor for your project.

Small planetary gearbox

PJM manufacturing provides small planetary gearbox products from 3.4mm to 42mm diameter size. Our micro planetary gearbox designs lightspot: high output torques, high efficiency, compact in size and work silently with impressive precision. All planetary gear reuder series can be combined with stepper motor, coreless motor and micro servo motor working perfectly.