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All actuators models are specially designed for medical equipment
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Medical Linear Actuator

PJM’s AC and 12 Volt, 24 Volt DC Electric Actuators are safe, clean, efficient and easy to use in the medical healthcare industry. They are easy to solve the lift, tilt, push and pull movement request. Silent working, stable, waterproof and high capacity linear actuator are important when they are used in blood collecting chair, treatment chair, patient bed, power exam tables, medical carting, dent chair and more medical mobile equipment. You could always find the suitable drive solution with handset, foot switch, control box from our medical care actuator line.

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Treatment Chair Actuator Solution

with exposed lead screw/with no outer tube

MD30 actuators not include a standard outer tube to let customer have a high design flexibility for their medical chair automation. MD30D series with DC motor design; MD30A series with AC motor design. Ideal for medical care chair adjustment. Different travel speed can be made.

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Hospital Bed Actuator 24V Solution

MD40 series and MD60 series/Hospital bed motor

24V linear actuator design. MD40 max force by 4000N; MD60 max force by 6000N. Impressive appearance design with silver white color. Powerful and silent working performance. Standard handset and control box available matched for 2 and 4 actuators working. Ideal for hospital bed height adjustment, lifting, tilt adjustment and more motion request.

MD80 is new heavy duty actuator for hospital bed.

One-stop linear actuator control system solution for electric hospital bed!

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Medical Cart Actuator 12V Solution


MD20 is compact 12V actuator design. Special gear set design make it work very quietly. Up to 2000N force. MD10 is slim 12V inline actuator design for size limitation project. Both are ideal for mobile medical carts computer lifting and lower.

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