Worm Gearbox

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RV series Worm Reducer

Good appearance, compact size, good heat dissipation, flexible mounting

Worm shaft produced by special heat treatment with superior alloy steel, the meshing of worm wheel using high quality copper alloy

The worm gear and worm shaft with precision and good meshing to keep low noise and high efficiency, long life. High quality bearing and seals.

Size range from 30-150mm with cast aluminium housing and cast iron housing option

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4 series Industrial Gear Reducer ( R series, K series, F series, S series)

Unit structural modularization design, plenty of motor combination solution

Low noise, small vibration, high efficiency with 96%

Good rigidity of cast iron gearbox housing, high strength, long life

Big torque, small size, low temperature, a wide scope of output speed

Match with different motor power range from 0.12KW to 22KW

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