Coreless DC Motor manufacturers

Coreless brush motor series: quick start and stop
Coreless brushless motor series: energy saving motor
Coreless servo motor series: excellent dynamic performance with integrated encoder
Geared coreless motors: higher toruqe with rich gear reducer configuration

Coreless DC Motor

With precision coreless motor technology,PJM have launched 6 mm ~ 46 mm series. We offer unparalleled speed torque performance, high power density brush and brushless dc coreless motor, and meet all kinds of transmission in the field of industrial control and medical application. Our coreless motor advantage: full size, excellent performance, low noise, high temperature resistance, low heat, long life time and good stability.

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Coreless Brush Motor Series

Diameter range from 8mm-40mm

High power density, quick start and stop, small moment of inertial

Gearheads, encoders, shaft modifications available

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Coresless BLDC Motor Series

Diameter range from 15mm-46mm

High speed, long life, high efficiency, high torque

ideal for use in robotic applications and medical applications.

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Coreless Servo Motors Series

Diameter range from 22mm-36mm

Compact structure, sensitive response, high precision,

Perfect for battery operated applications

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