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Stepper Motor

PJM offer three main stepper motor type: Permanent magnetic stepper motor; Hybrid stepper motor; Linear stepper motor. The size diameter is from 20mm to 130mm. When it comes to selecting the right stepper motor, you need to let us know three factors at least including step angle (related to the number of phases), static torque, and current.

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Permanent magnetic stepper motor

Widely used in many fields such as air conditioners, circulating fans, smart toilets, monitoring pan/tilts, water purifiers, purifiers, generator range extenders, and smart homes. 5 series: 20, 24, 28, 30, 35.

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Hybrid stepper motor

Widely used in robots, printers, financial equipment, medical equipment, various non-standard equipment. Can match with encoder, planetary gear reducer, brake option. Full 10 series size available.

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Linear Stepper motor

6 series size available: 20mm series, 28 series, 35 series,42 series, 57 series, 86 series. Option: ball screw shaft diameter, stroke, Nut. Advantage: long life, high force, high precision, easy installation.

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