Vibration Motor manufacturers

Most popular mini dc vibration motors selection
Industrial AC vibrator motor with a competitive price
New technologies and top quality materials: Aluminium alloys, cast iron, steel alloys, Class F windings
High quality standards design for original equipment manufacturers

Vibration Motor

Vibration motor series from PJM manufacturer is divided into AC vibration motor and DC vibration motor. AC vibration motor applies precise bearing, rotor, and copper wire coil to ensure smooth and energy saving operation for most industrial IP65 application. DC vibration motor is mostly regarded as mini vibration motors. The two most form factors are pager motors and coin vibration motors that are used in wearable devices and electronic devices.

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Industrial Vibration Motor

These industrial vibration motors are used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry and building materials.

Open fan-cooled motor and totally enclosed motor design option

AC vibration motor speed range: 3600 RPM, 1800 RPM, 1200 RPM, and 900 RPM

Various motor force designed for different materials weight in your vibrating mechanical equipment

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Small Vibration Motor Series

Flat vibration motor, coin vibration motor, coreless vibration motor option

Low current, low noise, strong vibration, miniature size design

Widely used in scanners, tools, GPS trackers, control sticks, medical instruments and other wearable consuming devices

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