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Furniture Linear Actuator

Electric actuators make good furniture more smart and comfort with more adjustment options. A consumer wants the relaxation and comfort from lift chairs, chairs seating motorised, sofa motorised, adjustable mattress, electric beds adjustment, sit to stand desk. PJM, as the preferred partner of many famous furniture manufacturers, provides complete and highly customized solution of home and office electric linear actuators. We even could offer the recliner mechanism together with handset switch, control box and Apps control. One innovation lifting units from PJM are a combination of bevel gear, spindle, nut, gear motor. Typical applications are height-adjustable tables and work surfaces in the home and office. We emphasize quality and tailor-made service. Contact us today for your home function furniture automation project.

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Function Sofa

FD100 is one compact and low noise performance sofa actuator. 1000N force with 24V design.

FD150 is one slide track linear actuator design. A larger stroke with a smaller installation size. Push/Pull force up to 1500N with 6mm/s speed. Suited for sofa chair iron frame mounting.


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Home electric beds

FD600 is a quiet and powerful actuator up to 6000N force, designed for home beds adjustment. Single motor with 24V input.

FD400T twin spindle actuator (dural actuator)

FD400T is a dural actuator model that is a simple installation for bed frame. It include double motors and a control unit. Suitable for adjustable furniture beds.

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Mobile computer desk Lifting solution

FD03 is a very compact size linear actuator and perfect for use in small spaces. The motor power can bear 2000N loading max. Economic design. Easy installation for mobile computer desk lifting,  coffee table lifting and more.

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