Industrial Helical Gearbox


  • Size (center distance): 17mm-187mm selection
  • Input motor power range: from12KW to 250KW
  • Output Torque: Up to 62800NM
  • Output Speed:from09 to 832 RPM
  • MountingType: foot mounted and flange mounted
  • The case is made of high-qualityand lightweight aluminium alloy
  • Oil Seals, Lubricant, Bearing are high quality brand selection

PJM design and manufacture industrial helical gearbox in high quality and competitively priced. Easy installation, smooth operation, long life, high load carrying capacity. The typical 4 series of hard surface helical gears: S/K/R/F gear reducer series.

S Series Helical Gearbox

Size: 37-97mm; Input Power: 0.12-22KW; Gear ratio:6.8-288; Output torque: 11-4530NM. Worm gear reducer design: powerful, efficient, energy-saving and stable. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, low noise performance.

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F Series Helical Gearbox

Size: 37-187mm; Input Power: 0.12-250KW; Gear ratio:3.77-267.77; Output torque: 3.5-56845NM. Parallel shaft design: Low energy consumption, good performance, efficiency up to 95% or more.

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R Series Helical Gearbox

Size: 17-187mm; Input Power: 0.12-250KW; Gear ratio:1.3-289.74; Output torque: 1.4-56845NM.

The gear surface has undergone high-frequency heat treatment and is made of high-quality forged steel materials. It has low noise, small vibration and high energy saving.

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K Series Helical Gearbox

Size: 37-187mm; Input Power: 0.12-200KW; Gear ratio:5.36-197.34; Output torque: 10-62800NM.

Spiral bevel and helical gear design: High axis parallelism and positioning accuracy. Quieter operating structure make it run in stable and efficient.


Industrial gearbox is widely used in mechanical drive applications from food, energy, mining and metal; to automotive, aerospace and marine propulsion. We can offer a flexible drive solution from above series for you.

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