Linear Stepper Motor


  • Standard NEMA Size: from 20mm-86mm
  • Force of up to 1,316.6 N
  • speed up to 325.1 mm/s
  • Standard screw leads of 0.4 to 6.35 mm
  • Standard bronzenuts
  • More motor size and lead screw size can be tailored

These linear stepper motors are used for linear actuator motion that need high precise positioning, rapid motion and long life. Typical applications such as medical equipment, semiconductor handling, telecommunications equipment, valve control and more. Large selection of lead screw thread, diameter, length, mounting attachment is available.

Non-captive Linear Stepper Motor Series

The motor rotor drives the lead screw back and forth in linear motion directly. Acme screw or ball screw is available. Different stroke, linear speed, force can be made for your project.

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External Linear Stepper Motor Series

The lead screw drive the rotor and move a nut back and forth in linear actuation motion. It provide quiet, efficient, durable and economic solution. Share your more details request to make a suitable linear stepper motion solution for you.

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