Electric lock low voltage dc gear motor solutions

Project Description:

1. Electric lock motor overview

Electronic locks are a solution to enable keyless entry by utilizing mico dc motor and wireless technologies for safes, rooms, building, shipping containers and a variety of other electronic locks application. All smart lock manufacturers would use a couple of different DC motor assembled with planetary gears or spur gears in the security industry drive. It is really important to choose a reliable door lcok gear motor manufacturers for different design and needs.

2. Challenge

There are so many lcoking systems such as smart lock, fingerprint lock, bluetooth lock, luggage padlock, bicycle lock and other types electric locks in the market. The electronic locks manufacturers not only purchase a common, standard miniature dc gear motors, but also need the particular motors for their smart lock versatile design. The special motors with different gearhead need very high precision manufacturing and low tolerance assembly.

3. Solution

PJMTEC carry 30 types geard motors for smart door locks. The voltage of lock motor is 3V, 4.2V, 6v, 12v,24v and the size can be from 3mm to 38mm range. 9% stronger stall torque make fast locking action; 7% lesser power consumption make long battery run-time; 40% longer motor life compared with market lock motor standard. We can use off the shelf motors and gears tooling for any type of smart door lock design flexibly.