Electric Transaxles Motor Solution

Project Description:

1. Transaxles motor overview
What is a transaxle? It is a smaller version of the transmission device which combine the AC or DC motor, differential, rigid axle and brake system. These batter power differentiating motorized transaxles are used in medical mobility equipment, utility and warehouse carts, AGVs, cleaning machine, golf vehicle, mobility scooter, power wheelchair and other personal vehicles. The transaxles can be coupled with a motor from 100W to 3KW.

2. Challenge

Customer need the transaxle designed in small size but big torque, quiet operation, more cost effective but long life time. It need high precision gearbox manufacturing and motor innovation designed.

3. Solution

PJMTEC use 4-pole PMDC motor which has special brush, NdFeB strong magnet and NSK bearing. The life time can be 5000 hours in continuous working condition. Cut steel helical gears design for quiet and efficient operation. High-grade aluminum alloy for transaxles housing. DC motor can be 24V, 36V,48V. A wide motor diameter selection from 63mm to 220mm. A variety of assembly options for customer design.