Fan motor solution in farm ventilation

Project Description:

1. what is fan motor
2. fan motor type and PJMTEC fan motor advantage in farm ventilation
3. value

1. Fan motors are widely used for ventilation of warehouse, cold stores, livestock barn and greenhouse, bathroom and other industrial application. The fan motors typically consist of stator, rotor, bearings, a fan wheel of the associated shaft and fan housing. The fan motor or blower motor play the important role of the turning the fan to keep air moving or circulation.

2. The fan or blower manufacturers need to consider the correct electric motor for their project. In conventional ceiling fan, they would use single phase induction motor. In computer or small home appliance, they would use dc or BLDC motor. In agriculture application, they would use the most popular induction motor which are commonly divided into single phase motor and three phase motor. If they pay further attention to the control and energy efficiency, EC motors would be considered firstly. PJMTEC has the resources and technology to maufacture the farm duty motors for project in dairy, poultry, swine ventilation. AC linear actuator is another solution for farm ventilation.

3. Our fan motors are designed to meet different specs and to fit different fan or blower manufacturing needs. Our motors are robust and cost-effective. Keep the fans running smoothly with our motor.