medical motor for kinds of equipment

Project Description:

1. What are medical motors?
2. PJMTEC medical motors type
3. value

1. With the healthcare industry growing fast, more and more medical equipment can be found in clinics, hospital, and healthcare centers. Usually, electric motors or electric actuators designed for medical equipment belong to medical motors. As one medical motor manufacturer, PJMTEC understands the requirements of the medical industry and can offer all series motors for kinds of medical equipments.

2. What type motors are used in medical industry?

Depending on medical care equipment designer request, AC motors and DC motors with different power are used. Most medical vaccum pump choose AC induction motor; vacuum cleaner equipment use AC motor; Some examination chairs manufacturers use AC motor integrated with screw shaft and 12V control electronics with Barrier-Free highlights. For DC motors, 12V and 24V version are popular in most of linear motion solutions. Such as dental chairs, patient lifts, hospital beds, nursing home beds, medical trolleys, examination couches applicaiton, 12V or 24V dc linear actuators are used for height adjustment or back, legs, head supporting. Coreless brushless dc Motors and BLDC motors matched with planetary gearbox are used in precision and low noise medical equipment. These motor belong to medical micro motors range.

3. Medical motor solution from PJMTEC

We can offer a variety of medical motors solution in medical care application. The motor solution include compact designs, custom shapes and sizes, reliable manufacturing materials selection, prototype testing and quality control. We even can make the entire system’s modular design including linear actuator, telescopic pillars, control units, hand switch, foot switch to meet specific application needs.