Solar tracking systems drive solution

Project Description:

1. what is solar tracker
2. drive solution type: solar tracker motor type, dc, bldc, ac, stepper motor; linear actuator type, slewing drive and gearbox type;
3. our value

1. what is solar tracking systems?
When renew energy become more and more important, many counry start to focus on solar power plant building. In order to improve efficiency, more and more company design and manufacture solar tracking systesm ( short name of solar tracker). Solar tracker is a device which allow the solar panel always point at the sun in vertical direction. The solar tracker types are mainly single-axis solar trackers and dual-axis solar trackers. The most important component is solar tracker motor drive.

2. Solar tracker motor drive solution in solar energy

When it comes to specifying motion control soution for solar photovoltaic tracking and heliostat in CSP tracking applications, motors with gearbox and linear actuators are the most drive solution to consider.

1)All solar tracker motors type to select:

AC induction motors: In early solar tracker design, they are used because they can obtain energy directly from the grid without additional batteries.. But it is not easy to control at low speeds and not in good efficiency for solar energy conversion.

PMDC motor with planetary gearbox: This solution is relatively efficient and easily controllable comapared with AC induction motor. To use brush and commutator special design, it can last 5000 hours long life time. And it is a cost-effective solar tracker motor solution. Matched with wide gear ratio of planetary gear reducer, it has wide output torque selection and can meet different size solar trakcer project.

BLDC motors with planetary gearbox: they are used more and more because of long life, high efficiency, easy to control advantage in solar tracking systems. The brushless motors can hit 3000-6000 rpm. Entegrated with planetary gearbox, they can be used in many type of concentraing solar-thermal power industry.

Stepper motors have economic benefits and good precision advantage. Some engineers would choose them for small size solar power plant before. However, the slow speed can not deal with quick tracking and bad storms condition. They are gradually replaced by brushless motor.

2)Solar tracking actuator type to select:

AC linear actuator: 120V and 220V version linear actuator can be used for different customer design reqeust. Mostly, 3 phase induction motors are designed at 90 degrees to the screw shaft. This solution suit for actuators replacment as customers want to keep the same solar tracker design.

DC linear actuator: PJM develop all series high performance linear actuators with 24V or 36V dc motors. They key components including gearbox, motor, bearings, lubricant, two limit switches, hall sensors are all protected in a sealed housing. Easy installation and no need for maintenance in the harshest environments. The dynamic loads can be from 0.3 kN to 60 kN. Stroke up to 1000mm. To minimize cost, PJM stick to develop the motor, gearbox and actuator housing technology all the time.

3)Slewing drive to select
For dual-axis solar trackers, slewing drive with motor is used for horizontal tracking. To help increase the efficiency of oslar tracking systems, it need to minimize backlash and make a good control of superior material selection, improved lubrication and sealing. Integrated with AC or DC motor, such solutions are suitable for most types of solar generation.

3. Expected Solar Tracker Development

With the renewable energy sources becoming more and more urgent, the solar tracker manfuacturers need low cost and high performance motor drive solution to cut down electricity costs. PJM always stick to: Improve quality and customer satisfaction to avoid expensive warranty work.