vacuum cleaner motor selection

Project Description:

1. introduction

The vacuum cleaner motor is the heart of the vacuum cleaner. It is also named as suction motor. The main types of vacuum cleaner motors are: dry vacuum cleaner motor (THRU-FLOW), dry and wet vacuum cleaner motor (BY-PASS). The vacuum cleaner motor consists of two parts: the motor part and the fan part. Since the vacuum cleaner motor has high requirements on the speed, generally at 15000-30000 rpm, the motor is mainly a universal motor. If the vacuum cleaner manufacturers emphasizes the need for power and speed, BLDC motor is a good option for some industrial and commercial application. The small portable car vacuum cleaner uses a permanent magnet micro DC motor, which is powered by a battery. Generally, the rated voltage is about 12V~24V. The speed range can be from 16000rpm-36000rpm.

2. Manufactuers list:

In addition to household and industrial vacuum cleaners, central vacuum cleaners, etc., vacuum cleaner motors can also be used in equipment that requires suction, such as sweepers, bubble baths, spray paint, and agricultural machinery.

At present, several well-known brands in the world are AMETEK, DOMEL, PANASONIC, BOSH.

AMETEK (AMETEK): is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of precision, programmable power supplies and electronic loads located in San Diego. It has a variety of research and development, automatic test equipment (ATE), process Precision products for control, power bus simulation, and power conditioning. It is trustworthy in the production of vacuum cleaner motors.

DOMEL: The company is located in Slovenia and was established in 1946. Since 1974, it has started to research and produce vacuum cleaner motors. After years of development and accumulation, it has made outstanding achievements in this area. It is currently the largest vacuum cleaner motor manufacturer in the country, supporting many famous electrical companies to produce vacuum cleaners. motor.

PANASONIC (Panasonic): Japanese multinational corporation, the world’s top 500. Founded in 1918, since the 1950s when it began to develop household appliances, it has become a brand worthy of consumers’ trust. Its vacuum cleaner motors are all self-produced. Whether it is a vacuum cleaner or a motor, it is the choice of thousands of consumers. .

BOSH (Bosch): Founded in 1886, it is one of the largest industrial enterprises in Germany. It mainly produces technical products such as precision instruments and electrical engineering.

3. PJMTEC vacuum cleaner motor solution

PJMTEC carry brushed vacuum motors and brushless vacuum motors in multiple product series for customers to choose from, which can basically meet the needs of all types of vacuum cleaners. Compared with above vacuum cleaner motor manufactuers, PJMTEC can bring differentiated competitive advantages to customers’ products though the customized design of the motor. Build a great vacuum with a high-performance motor.