AC Pump Motor


  • AC Voltage Option: 110-380V 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Power Rating: 100W-1500W
  • Standard Speed: 1700RPM or 2800RPM
  • Motor Housing Option: Iron or Aluminum
  • Output Shaft Diameter: 8mm,11mm,13mm,15mm or Custom Made
  • Motor Stator Size: 78mm-155mm
  • Various motor flange designed to meet different mounting

AC induction motors are used in kinds of pump such as water pump, fire pump, jet pump, spa pump, oil well pump and air pump. PJM offer energy saving and reliable AC motors for your pump systems with low maintenance costs. Pump motor construction can be custom-made for your specific applications and industries.

AC Pump Motor Stator and Rotor

Wide stator and rotor size. Off the shelf stator diameter: 78mm, 88mm, 96mm, 118mm,120mm,145mm, 155mm. More size can be tailored. As the core AC motor components, they can be mounted directly with your pump.

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AC Vacuum Pump Motor

Wide voltage range. Reduced noise and vibration. IE3 efficient electric motor for the AC vacuum pump. Special drive shaft designed in two versions, one in AISI 316 and one in AISI 420. Suitable for multiple applications that need inverter and frequent start/stop.

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Pool & Spa Pump AC Motors

Pool and Spa pump AC motors are designed to drive pumps that circulate water through swimming pool and spa filtration systems to make the water clean. Specified construction can be made to meet in-ground and above-ground swimming pools, SPA application.

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