HVAC Blower Motor


  • AC Voltage Option: 110-380V 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Power Rating: 45W-1500W
  • Standard Speed: 1400RPM, 2800RPM 50Hz; 1700RPM, 3500RPM 60Hz
  • Motor Housing Option: Iron or Aluminum
  • Output Shaft Diameter: 8mm,11mm,13mm,15mm or Custom Made
  • Motor Stator Size: 82mm-160mm
  • High Temperature Motor designed for some special application
  • Various motor flange designed to meet different mounting

HVAC AC motors are widely used in equipment such as fans, blowers, air conditioners, heaters, air purifier, oven equipment and more. These blower motors circulate air in roof ventilation or circulate heat out of the heater. OEM replacement AC motors is accepted.

Direct Drive Blower Motor

The AC blower motor turn the blower wheel or fan blades that are mounted directly to the motor shaft. The motor output flange can be made to match with any size blower or fan. Long shaft designed version is ideal for high temperature AC motor request.

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Capacitor-Start HVAC Blower Motor

Capacitor start AC motors are single phase induction motor to drive vane axial fan or fan propellers. Using capacitor in order to provide additional power during startup for higher torque and better efficiency.

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Oven Fan Motor

This type fan motor is used in GARBIN gas convection oven. The motor drive the fan to let convection ovens circulate the warm air inside the oven chamber. Typical performance: 220-240 50Hz voltage with 1400RPM speed, 370W power, F insulation class.

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