Brushless Internal Rotor Motors


  • High performance 3 phase brushless internal rotor design
  • Fast responseand high power density
  • Size from 16mm to 92mm range
  • 50-100000 RPM speed range
  • Power range can be from 0.5W to 1500W
  • IP54 even IP65 high protection class
  • Option: Planetary gearbox, encoder, brake
  • Electrical parameters can be customized

Brushless DC inner-rotor type motors are magnets as the rotor placed on the inside and coil as the stator placed on the outside. Compared with brushed motors, they have technical advantage of energy efficiency, longevity, compactness, weight, noise, and so on. Combined with planetary gearboxes, angle gearboxes and spur gearboxes, a variety of innovative applications are possible such as following typical application:

Personal Care: Electric Hair Cutter, Hair Dryer, Hair Curler

With built-in driving controller, hight efficiency, low nose, low EMI, stepless speed regulation. Life time above 10000 hours. Small size and economic brushless motor option.

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Mobility: Electric Wheelchairs and E-bike

Standard input voltage 12V-48V, 800RPM-3000RPM speed, above 80% efficiency. Low speed, high torque, low noise, low EMI. Locked rotor protection, signal feedback and brake function. Lifte time is more than 10000 hours.

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Pump Drive: Water/oil Pumps, Wet Rotor Pumps and Diaphragm Pump

Suit for different pump equipment request of high efficiency, long life (10000-30000 hours), low noise, excellent EMC. Over-current protection, over-temperature protection and locked rotor protection.

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