Brushless Outer Rotor Motors


  • Impressive 3 phase brushless external rotor design
  • Low height withhigh power density
  • Size from 16mm to 120mm range
  • 50-100000 RPM speed range
  • Power range can be from 0.5W to 800W
  • IP54 even IP65 high protection class
  • Option: Planetary gearbox, encoder, brake
  • Electrical parameters can be customized

Brushless DC outer-rotor type motors are magnets in the inside and coil in the outside. Stable speed and torque curve, wide speed control range, robust motor housing and bearing systems. Combined with planetary gearboxes, angle gearboxes and spur gearboxes, a variety of innovative applications are possible such as following typical application

Kinds of Fan, Blower and Air Purifier

High torque at low speed and direct drive suit for fan or blower and other HVAC equipment manufacturer to reduce the cost. Low noise, low temperature rise, low EMI but long life 10000-50000 hours.

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Medical Ventilators and Medical Cleaning Equipment

With built-in controller, high efficiency, stepless speed regulation, Ultra-low EMI features make them suit for medical breathing equipment and cleaning equipment.

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Intelligent Electric Valve

Large torque, high efficiency, super long life with over current, thermal protection, brake option characteristics. Your best choice for large torque electric valve automation.

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