DC Small Vibration Motors


  • Voltage option: 3V,6V, 12V, 24V
  • Size range from 6m to 60mm
  • Speed range from 3000RPM to 10000RPM
  • Eccentric rotating mass vibratortechnology
  • All type dc vibration motors including: iron core, coreless and brushless
  • Vibration motor structure design in both cylinder and coin shape
  • Popular and essential component in many consumer electronics

PJM can design and manufacture a wide range of high quality but low cost dc vibrating motors. Typical vibration motors you can find: enclosed vibration motor, cylindrical vibration motors, coin and pancake vibration motors, phone vibration motor and more. All types can be highly tailor-made for your different applications.

Powerful Brush DC Vibration Motors Series

Different dc brush motor option: N30, 130, 180,370, 545 series. Used in massage chair, eye massager, massage stick, knee massager and other person healthy care equipment.

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Coreless DC Vibration Motors Series

Waterproof super micro vibration coreless motors are used more in electric toothbrush, adult products, beauty apparatus. Long life and low noise for medium performance and medium market.

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Flat Shape Vibration Motors Series

DC6V/12V/24V option. Low noise 520 motor series. Adjustable speed range from 4000RPM to 10000RPM. Single motor shaft or double motor shafts option.

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