Industrial Vibration Motors


  • Voltage option: 110V/220V/380V with 50/60Hz frequency
  • Power range: 15-40W/50-120W/750-2000W
  • 1 phase or 3 phase option
  • AC induction motor pole option: 2 pole, 4 pole, 6 pole
  • Adjustable eccentric blockdesign
  • Vibration motor housing : Aluminum alloy or cast iron
  • Vibration, blanking, screening, full of vibration

PJM can design and manufacture a wide range of high quality but low cost industrial AC vibrating motors. 3 core advantages: The rotor runs smoothly with precise and low noise, wear-resistant; Stator temperature rise is lower and life is longer; Thickened shell, fully enclosed structure, strong and vibration-resistant. All types can be highly customised for your different applications.

Single Phase Vibration Motors Series

Standard power range: 15W-120W. Installation size: 145*110*70mm for 15W-40W; 175*110*80mm for 50W-120W motor. Standard speed 2940RPM for 50Hz/3450RPM for 60Hz. Vibration force from 10KG to 55KG.

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Three Phase Vibration Motors Series

380V or 220V industry asynchronous vibration motor design. 15W-90W use 2 pole; 150W-400W use 4 pole with 1440 RPM speed; 1500W-2000W use 6 pole for heavy duty vibration force request.

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Stainless Steel Vibration Motors Series

304 stainless steel material housing design with IP65. Pure copper core energy-saving motor performance. Make every motor carefully.


These motors are widely used in vibrating feeders, vibrating conveyors, vibrating sectioning machines and vibration anti-clogging machines in silos in electric power, building materials, grain, coal, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement, casting and other industries. You can find the perfect vibration motor that you need from above series.

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