FD600 Bed Drive Actuator


  • Low voltage DC motor 24V-29V
  • Load capacity of 1000-6000N
  • Speed from 4mm to 42mm/s
  • Stroke of 1000mm max
  • Minimum retracted installation length is 160mm+stroke
  • Working frequency by on 2 min/off 8 min
  • Controlled by limit switch with the tolerance by±2mm
  • Apply to electric bed frame adjustment

FD600 is a powerful and quiet linear actuator used for home comfortable bed. The max push/pull force can be 6000N. In the limited installation space, it has a large stroke range. In addition, it can be matched with the control box. Realize more functions and safety protection, and operate the electric bed flexibly through the wireless remote control.

Power Supply

Input voltage is AC100-240V 50/60 Hz

Output is DC 29V 2A

Plug types can be  US, JP, UK, EURO, AUS plugs

Mounting bracket for electric bed frame installation

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Wireless Handset

Control 2 linear actuators

4 button design

Home button option

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Black Color Wireless Handset

Control 2-3 linear actuators

6 buttons design

More handset panels option or tailor-made

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