Hydraulic Slew Drive


  • Gear Ratio Option: from 60:1 to 154:1
  • Size: 3”, 5”, 7”, 9”, 12”, 14”, 17”, 21”, 25”, 32”
  • Output Torque:1.2 kN.m – 32 kN.m
  • Tilting Moment: 1.1 kN.m – 347 kN.m
  • Holding Torque: 2.2 kN.m – 190 kN.m
  • Mechanical Efficiency: 30%
  • Precision: less than 0.2 °
  • IP65 Protection Class

Hydraulic motors with slew drive are used for aerial working platform, truck mounted crane, marine crane, timber grab, road construction equipment, industrial valve automated which need slewing drive motion. Even, slewing ring or tailor-made slewing drive gearbox design is accepted.

Construction Machinery Slew Drive

Most construction machinery industry need slewing drive motion with hydraulic motors. PJM offer rugged and flexible size slewing drive for kinds of engineering machinery.

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Custom-Made Slewing Drive

When custom need more power solution, slewing drive integrated with RV worm industrial gear motor is available. More innovation solution for special heavy duty equipment project.

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