AGV130 Planetary Gearbox for AGV Wheel Drive

More and more Automated Guided Vehicle company in automated warehouse robots markets need a space saving gear reducer. PJMTEC launch a new AGV130 with rubber wheel for these application. The AGV130 drive consists of a planetary gearbox with reductions selection: 15:1; 20:1; 24:1; 32:1. It can be easily to mounted with servo motor and stepper motor. Quiet and smooth working. The customizable solution for kinds of AGV is acceptable.


AGV130 Parameters:


Rate torque: 27 Nm

Max torque: 54 Nm

Input speed: 3000-5000RPM

Max radial force: 2200N

Max axial force: 520 N

Efficiency: 94%

Above 20000 hours life time design

Match with 400W motor


Are you looking for the best drive solutions for Automated Guided Vehicles? Contact with our sales team for AGV gearbox. You will be impressed with its compact design, efficiency and durability.


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