N20 DC Planetary Gear Motor for Mini Electric Screwdriver

PJMTEC design a new mini gear motor YX12FPN20 series for kinds of mini screwdirver set. The electric screwdriver engineer need to consider the design with a compact structure, smart and exquisite apperance, the function of motion control recognition from end customers. It has only the length and diameter of pen which is convenient to use with labor-saving. To help different mini electric screwdirver engineers to make the ideal motion control function and parameters, we design the all series mini gear motors that include a  planetary gearbox and a high-speed dc motor.


YX12FPN20 Series Paramters:


Voltage range from DC 3V to DC 5V

The total length from 24.1mm to 33.1

The torque from 2 mN.m to 201 mN.m

The gear ratio from 4 to 1296

Output loading speed from 18 to 5744 RPM

Easy disassembling and assembling for your screwdriver


Welcome global electric screwdriver manufacturers to inquiry about our mini gear motor. We can work with you to finish the best electric screwdrivers design and manufacturing.


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