AC Gear Motor


  • Power range from 0.15kW to 200kW
  • Wide gear ratio selection from 5:1 to 3600:1
  • Full range AC motor size option with 50Hz or 60Hz frequency
  • Full range gear reducer size selection
  • Constant Speed or Speed Control AC Motors available
  • Single-Phase or Three-Phase Types
  • Electromagnetic brakeand Panel speed controller Options

AC gear motors are a economical, long life, and simple drive solutions for many industrial applications. PJM offer a wide range AC gear motor: single phase gear motor, three phase gear motor; constant speed type or speed control type. From structure, including AC gearmotor styles are: parallel shaft, inline, hollow shaft and right-angle gear motor type.

Light Duty AC Gear Motor Series

Power range from 6W to 200W. Standard output shaft with gear shaft, round shaft, key shaft. Speed range from 90RPM to 1600RPM. Panel speed controller is available. Suitable for packaging industry, machine tool industry, transport equipment, textile machinery, automatic welding machine, automobile industry, elevator machinery, etc.

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Medium Duty AC Gear Motor Series

Power range from 200W to 2200W. Voltage range from 220V-460V with 50Hz or 60Hz. Standard Vertical or horizontal installation. DC brake unit is available. The gears in these medium speed reducers are high strength, maintenance free to suit for any direction mounting. All you need is to connect the motor directly to your AC power supply.

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Heavy Duty AC Gear Motor Series

Power up to 200kW. The output torque up to 58500Nm. Flexible mounting position. Designed for rugged environment. Standard K series, F series, R series, S series gear reducer. Suited for waste water treatment, steel industry, cooling tower fan, cement industry, chemical industry machine.

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