Electric Transaxle Motor


  • Voltage: 12-48V
  • Rate speed: 40-230RPM
  • Rate power: 180-3000W
  • Motor diameter: 63-170mm
  • Motor type solution: brushed and BLDC motor
  • Cut steel helical gearing for high efficiency operation
  • Ball bearing selection
  • Aluminum alloy housing
  • Electro or mechanical brakes options
  • Various wheel flanges for easy mounting

PJM offfer electric transaxles that combine with the electric motor, differential, axle and brake. Electric drive rear axle motor solution is ideal for mobility scooter, cleaning machine wheel drive, golf vehicle, electric mower, AGVs and other robotic material handing equipment. Our design range from light to heavy duty and meet each mobility equipment wheel drive project. Custom motorised transaxle design is available to meet your exact requirements.