Round Shape Gear Motor


  • Gear housing available in die cast metal or molded plastic
  • Zinc Die Cast – Standard with hardened steel gears
  • Output shaft may extend from front, rear, or both ends
  • Meet the diversified demands of mounting
  • DC brush motor, AC synchronous motor, capacitor stepper motor option
  • Wide gear ratio selection
  • Shaft sleeve bearing
  • More custom round shape gear motor solutions for you

We offer the typical round shape gearbox assembling with DC brush motors, AC Synchronous motors, permanent magnet stepper motors. Multiple production lines could meet your different needs of low or high quantity order. If you have more precision motion request, we have the custom gear motor solutions such as brushless and coreless motors with optional integrated encoders solutions. Flexible output configurations: D- shape flat shaft, pinion shaft, shaft length with special bushing. The lubrication of the gear teeth is high quality for long life. Both pinion and gear teeth are hardened metal gears or custom CNC gears made.