Disk Output Planetary Gearbox


Designed for Precision Platform Rotation

Nominal Output Torque : 17Nm to 145Nm

Backlash: 1-12 Arcmin

Available reduction ratios from 1:3 to 1:100

Easily coupled to servo motor

high load carrying capacity

Highly Rigid

Special output structure for rotating disk (flange) rigidity. Attach load directly on disk for rotating, Save space and simplified mechanism. Precision positioning and high axial and radial force capability. Size model: PH64, PH90, PZH64, PZH90.

PH Series Disk Output Planetary Gearbox

Flange output suitable for panel installation. Helical gear technology and high precision. Crossed roller bearing for rigid rotation. Black coated steel housing and aluminum motor adapter.

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PZH Series Disk Output Planetary Gearbox

Corner flange output designed for various project which need limited space and panel rotation installation. Stainless steel housing, black anodized aluminum right angle housing and motor adapter flange

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