Rotary indexing table


  • Normal Torque: 3.5Nm-450Nm
  • Gear Ratio: 5-18
  • Bearing Type: crossed roller bearing
  • Max Overturning Moment: 120Nm-4000Nm
  • Rotary Precision: less then 1 arcmin
  • Rated Output Speed: 100RPM-200 RPM
  • Table Weight: 0.55KG-40KG
  • Designed Loading Weight: 10KG-300KG
  • Noise Level: less then 65 dB
  • Working Temperature: -25 to +90
  • IP50 protection class
  • Efficiency: 90%

Rotary indexing tables are also referred to as rotary tables. PJM offer highly accurate hollow rotary platform gear reducer. RPA series and RPD series are hollow rotary platforms ideal for all indexing application, with available large hollow gap and all cables can go inside.

RPA Series Rotary Tables

The axial dimension is short. The precision is high. And the bearing rolling moment is large with simple installation. The hole can be threaded. It can be connected with motor or bevel gearbox directly. Model selection: RPA60, RPA85, RPA130, RPA200, RPA280, RPA450.

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RPD Series Rotary Tables

Heavy duty rotary tables model. Can be mounted on the side. It can carry larger rolling moment. Standard model: RPD60, RPD120, RPD165. 30:1 gear ratio. More size can be tailor-made.

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