Right Angle Planetary Gearbox


  • Standard Size Model: 60, 85, 115, 140
  • Normal Torque: 16.5NM-720NM
  • Gear Ratio: 3-1000
  • Stages: 1-3
  • Backlash Option: 6-18 Arcmin
  • Input speed: 2500-7000 RPM
  • Life Time: Above 20000 hours
  • Working Temp: -25 to +90
  • IP65 protection
  • Long life lubrication
  • Mounting Position: any

Right angle planetary gear reducer own high precision designed for each component. Using bevel gear structure to meet the needs of limitation installation. PJM offer 3 classical series: PZE series, PZF series, PZK series.

PZE Series Right Angle Planetary Gearbox

Corner reversal to meet the needs of space limitation installation. Small starting torque. Standard model: PZE60, PZE85, PZE115, PZE140.

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PZF Series Right Angle Planetary Gearbox

Portable flange mount with 90 degree bevel gears. Low noise and low backlash. The output shaft can be round, key option. Standard model: PZF60, PZF85, PZF115, PZF140, PZF160. Stable working sound and easy installation.

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PZK Series Angle Planetary Gearbox

Hollow shaft output design. Simple connection, large hole diameter, large torque, various output option. Standard model: PZK60, PZK85, PZK115, PZK140, PZK160. Compact structure for your servo motor, stepper motor installation.

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