Pear Shape Gear Motor


  • Gear housing available in die cast metal or molded plastic
  • Output shaft may extend from front, rear, or both ends
  • Meet the diversified demands of mounting
  • DC brush motor, AC synchronous motor, capacitor stepper motor option
  • Wide gear ratio selection
  • Standard class F insulation system
  • More custom pear shape gear motors solutions for you

Manufacturer experience in the design and manufacturing of small pear shape gear motors since 1998 year. We offer the typical pear shape gearbox assembling with DC brush  motors, AC Synchronous motors, permanent magnet stepper motors. Multiple production lines could meet your different needs of low or high quantity order. If you have more precision motion request, we have more custom gear motor solutions such as brushless and coreless motors with optional integrated encoders solution.

DC Brush Motor with Pear Shape Gearbox

GM48 series provide high torque in small packages. In-line or offset gear motor is available. Voltage from 3V-24V. Flexible output shaft configurations such as D shape shaft, thread shaft. Gear reduction ratio with 30-1012 selection. Output speed range from 4-300RPM. Applications: medical equipment, pumps, vents, water treatment, Valve control, display and more.

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AC Synchronous Motors with Pear Shape Gearbox

Synchronous gear motors have constant speed and lack of wear-out part feature. These motors work in reliability, small size and quiet operation. Votlage range from 6Vac-230Vac. Ratio from 60 to 1200. Speed from 1 RPM to 10 RPM. Applications: Timers, home applicances, printers, damper control and more.

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Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor with Pear Gearbox

These gear motors feature a permanent magnet step motor on a pear shaped gearbox. Input AC 24V  from to 240V with 60 Hz frequency. Wide gear ratio and torque selection. A simple, low cost reversing drive. Typical applications: Beverage dispensing, ATM machine, robotic controls, HVAC control, voting machine and more.

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