IA4000 solar tracking actuator


  • 24V dc brush motor of 5000 hours design
  • Dynamic force(Push and Pull): 40000N
  • Static load 100000N
  • Stroke: 100mm-1000mm
  • No load speed by 1.25mm/s with less than 1.5A current
  • Working temperature: -40℃- 65℃
  • High protection degree with IP66
  • Build-in limit switch and self-locking performance
  • Cable, actuator housing, lubrication, gears for 20 years life design

IA4000 is heavy duty industrial degree linear actuator for PV, CPV and Heliostat project. Using special carbon brush and brand bearing realize the motor low cost but long life time. BLDC motor or stepper motor matched with ball screw shaft and double hall sensor is another option for precision and position control. Rich experience of gears, spindle, nut assembly make the actuator working smoothly all the time.

40kN Linear Drive Solution for PV, CPV and Heliostat

IA4000 is rugged heavy duty solar tracking actuator. It can bed used for solar panel of horizontal tracking and azimuth tracking. Suited for single tracking systems in photovoltaic solar power plant. It also suite for dual-axis solar tracker together with slewing drive in solar thermal power plant.  Reliable and accurate linear drive solution.

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Gears housing, Front Rod,Rear Attachment and Cables Details

Both holes are standard 30mm diameter

Strong and durable design, length can be tailor-made

Rugged gearbox housing with maintenance-free lubrication design

Brand cables used for PV industrial standard to suit for the heavy weather

High quality connector to make it easy to connect with controller

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Mechanical Linkage Synchronous Drive Design

40kN force driver actuator with connecting rod design

20kN force linear mechanical actuator as engaged driven actuator without motor

100-1000mm stroke range with bevel gear systems

A economic solution to save labor cost and motor cost for solar tracker integrator

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