Linear Servo Actuator


  • Modular system, 13 different sizes solutions
  • In-line and parallel gearboxes with all servo motor adapter plate
  • Ideal to replace pneumatic cylinders
  • Dynamic force range from 0.2 kN to 500kN
  • Linear speed range from 50mm/s to 1000mm/s
  • Max stroke by 1000mm
  • Positioning precision of up to ± 0,01 mm
  • Super long time smooth running with maintenance-free.


PJM offers a wide range of high-performance servo actuators, in a inline and fold back designs for both general and specific industrial applications. These electric cylinder high lights: high load capacities – heavy duty linear actuator; fast operating speeds – high speed linear actuator; high precision position control- high precision actuator. To keep the high quality actuation systems, PJM strictly control each accessories manufacturing process such as dust cover, anti-rotate device , safety nut, ball screw, limit switch, overload clutch, potentiometer, encoder, brake and installation accessories. No matter what type linear actuation systems that you require, we can offer the suitable solutions even custom solutions for you.

ECA Series Servo Actuators

Aluminium housing body
Size model: ECA40, ECA50, ECA60, ECA75, ECA80, ECA94, ECA110, ECA132
Standard square shape
Push force from 0.2 KN to 70 KN
Speed range from 100mm/s to 1250mm/s
Ball screw diameter lead from 2mm to 25mm
Related applications: Blow moulding, servo press, filling station, automated guided vehicle

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ECS Series Servo Actuators

Stainless steel housing body
Size model: ECS120, ECS140, ECS168, ECS220
Standard round shape
Push force from 40 KN to 200 KN
Speed range from 50mm/s to 250mm/s
Ball screw diameter lead: 10mm and 20mm
Related applications: Excavator, Lifting platforms, fork lift, pallet truck, auto test equipment

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ECST Series Servo Actuators

Stainless steel housing body
Size model: ECST168, ECST220, ECST270
Standard round shape
Push force from 150 KN to 500 KN
Speed range from 40mm/s to 50mm/s
Ball screw diameter lead: 16mm and 20mm
Related applications: Space test equipment, servo welding gun, Packing machine

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Flexible Moutings Options

Front attachment: Femal thread, male thread, ball joint, clevis rod end, flange end
Body attachment: middle trunnion, side flange mount
Rear attachment: Rear flange, rear clevis rod end
Motor brand option: Siemens, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Kinco and more

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