Spur Geared DC motors


  • 3V, 6V, 12V mini DC Spur Geared Motor
  • High-quality but cost-effective Solution
  • Miniature size range 8mm-42mm and easy to use
  • Easy to assemble with Molex, Jst brand connectors
  • More than 100 stocked geared motors for immediate sample or purchase
  • Encoder and integrated motion controllers option
  • Motor shaft, speed, torque, ratio, gears materials are highly customized

PJM design and manufacture spur geared dc motor not only as components, but also as providing solutions to customers’ differentiated needs. DC motor option: brush, coreless, brushless. Gears option: plastic gears, metal gears, powder metallurgy gears. And more, below are typical examples that are used to select your preferred solution.

Open Frame Design

GM12, GM13 and more series use an open construction design including round and rectangular shape. They are used in typical application: high-precision instrument, high-grade toy or robot and automatic door lock systems.

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Closed Frame Design

These gearbox housing design is closed to cover all gears. It is better to have a good protection class. The output shaft can be eccentric and concentric option. They can be used in battery-operated toy, wet towel dispenser, vending machine, remote control curtain and more.

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Offset and Foldback Gearbox Design

This gearbox shaft is in parallel with motor shaft. If there is a length dimension limitation, you could consider this structure dc spur gear motor.


Tell us your details of project application. We can support you through the whole process: prototype design–flexible samples manufacturing–effective mass production. Or send us your original gear motor. We can make a perfect replacement for you.

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