Square Geared Motor


  • DC and AC square gearbox motor option
  • 6V, 12V, 24V DC square gearbox motor solution
  • 230V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz AC square gearbox motor solution
  • High Transmission Efficiency
  • High Reliabilityand Simple Integration
  • precision-cut gearsor powder metallurgy gears option

Suqare spur gear motor is a DC motor or a AC motor with a square gearbox to increase torque and also save space for the customer applications. You can find different size rectangular shape gearbox housing integrated with motors. Below are typical examples that are used for your preferred solution.

Square Geared DC Motor

The applications of square dc gearbox motor used: slot machines, air conditioning valve, mechanical switches, peristaltic pump, ATM bank automatic system, high-end toy.

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Square Geared AC Motor

These square gearboxes with shaded pole AC motor are used in swimming pool cleaning machine, BBQ grill, Oven and other food processor equipment.


Share your project application details with us. We can support you through the whole process: prototype design–flexible samples manufacturing–effective mass production. Or send us your original gear motor. We can make a perfect replacement for you.

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