Worm Geared DC motors


  • 6V, 12V, 24V,48V DC Worm Geared Motor
  • High-quality but cost-effective solution
  • Gearbox diameter option 32mm-125mm
  • 90 degree, right angle, output Shaftor double output shaft option
  • Self-locking/braking features with high torque capabilities
  • Encoder type: optical/hall effect option
  • Motor shaft, speed, torque, ratio, gears materials are highly customized

PJM design and manufacture worm geared dc motor not only as components, but also as providing solutions to customers’ differentiated needs. DC motor option: brush, servo, brushless. Gears option: plastic gears, metal gears, powder metallurgy gears. And more, below are typical examples that are used to select your preferred solution.

Small Worm Gearbox Motors

These are popular worm geared motors series use an compact gearbox design including worm gears and worm wheel. They are used in typical application: robotics, smart toilets, animal feeder motorized.

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Right Angle Geared Motors

These right gear motors consist of a worm gearbox coupled with a dc brush motor or brushless motor which can transfer motion in 90 degrees. Motor diameter can be from 30mm-90mm with input 12V-48V voltage. Larger gear motor output torque can be up to 30Nm. Typical application: garage door openers, material handling equipment, household grinding equipment.

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High Torque Worm Geared Motors

RV worm gearboxes integrated with a brush motor or stepper motor are used more in project which need big output torque. It can be hollow shaft, single shaft, double shaft output option. High precision, light weight, small vibration. Bronze worm wheel and worm shaft made.


Tell us your details of project application. We can support you through the whole process: prototype design–flexible samples manufacturing–effective mass production. Or send us your original gear motor. We can make a perfect replacement for you.

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